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About Rouelle

Founded in 2005, Rouelle has quickly emerged as one of the most inspirational forces in personal expression, creativity and style. Rouelle views style as fluid and ever changing, influenced by culture, preference and an innate desire in us all to express beauty in various ways. By fusing classic elegance with modern inspiration, Rouelle has created some of the worlds most highly regarded and exquisite fashion jewelry. With the ability to speak to a wide array of personal tastes, Rouelle has authored a refreshing new vocabulary in self expression through a voice that's reimagining the industry as a whole.

Brought about by a fascination for creating unique, specialty pieces that enable women to set themselves apart from others, Rouelle believes that jewelry gives you the ability to express your individuality with elegance and ease. We have stayed true to our image and customers in the hopes of inspiring strong, confident women to live passionately, creatively and with an appetite for stepping out of conventional fashion. Rouelle encourage and empowers women to show the world their strength and free, passionate spirit for style, innovation and beauty.

The Rouelle brand has evolved into a full collection of unique ear cuffs, delicate ring designs, high quality beautiful slave bracelets and a variety of self-expressing designs enjoyed by women worldwide. Since its inception, the collection has received rave reviews and tremendous celebrity following. Rouelle's exclusive partners include world-renowned jewelry designers, quality manufacturers from across the globe and unique specialty boutique retailers that share a similar passion for style and elegance.